Town of Cochecton, NY, Hamlets include Cochecton Center, Fosterdale, Lake Huntington, Village of Cochecton all in New York

Town Hall

Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm


Cochecton Town Hall

74 Smales Road

Lake Huntington, NY 12752

(845) 932-8360


Not all offices hold the same hours. Please check the details of the department you wish to reach to see specific business hours.

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The second Wednesday of

each month


7:00pm Work Session
7:30pm Regular Business

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The Last Thursday of each month, 7:30pm


A Message from the Supervisor  



With the leaves starting to fall it is that time of year when the Town Board is busy working on the 2016 Budget.  In the past five years we have been able to keep your taxes in check with no increases.  Even with the cost of retirement, increases in Health Insurance rates, and soaring cost of salt to keep our roads safe, we have been able to keep our tax rate this year at 0%. 


Our Community Room is busy serving meals to the seniors on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00. Please join them for lunch or conversation. The meals are $3.00 to anyone over 60. Just be sure to call on those days to reserve a meal. The number is (845) 932-8360 X22.


On Wednesdays, the Women's Club meets in the community room at 1:00 to play cards. Please join them for a fun afternoon with friends.


When you visit our website, you will see that Cochecton has a Keep Cochecton Clean Committee who is actively working on keeping our roadways free of litter. They have made great progress already and are planning another spring clean-up in April or May. More information will be posted on the website as the time comes.  If you would like to assist, please contact Jerold Yavarkovsky at (845) 932-8210.


Please explore our website  for building permits, tax exemption forms, past meeting minutes or to view our proposed budget. Most things could be found here on our website. There is also a calendar of upcoming events in town, particularly with our very active Youth Board.


We would appreciate your thoughts on how we are doing and any other services that we might be able to provide. We would like to show you that Cochecton is a great place to live, visit, eat, canoe, camp, or just relax!


The Town Board is dedicated to providing the best services we can deliver while keeping your taxes down.  Please call or contact us if you have any questions. 


Thank you,
Gary D. Maas

e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

845-932-8360 Ext. 15

845-798-4941 (cell)








Back:  Daisy Smith, Ethel Hulse, Pauline Johnson, and Joseph Meyer - all former Coucilpersons

Front:  Richard Schulman, Larry Richardson, Sal Indelicato, Gary Maas, Edwin Grund, Anna Story

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The Town of Cochecton is situated on the Delaware River, directly across from Damascus, Pennsylvania, to which a bridge over the river provides access. The Town has four communities located within it's boundaries — Cochecton, Cochecton Center, Fosterdale and Lake Huntington.