Town Board

Town Board


The 2nd Wednesday of each month

7:00pm Work Session

7:30pm Regular Business



Cochecton Town Hall
74 Smalles Road
Lake Huntington, NY 12752




Gary Maas
(845) 932-8360 Ext. 15
(term expires 12/31/2025)


Deputy Supervisor

Edwin Grund
(845) 252-7363
(term expires 12/31/2025)



Sean Nearing
(845) 932-7899
(term expires 12/31/2025)

John Nober
(845) 796-6977
(term expires 12/31/2025)

Michael Walter
(845) 252-6786
(term expires 12/31/2025)



Maryann Oumrim
(845) 932-8360 Ext. 11


2017 Town Employees
Front Row: Town Board – Paul Salzberg, Ed Grund, Gary Maas, Sean Nearing and Anna Story. Standing: Eileen Hennessy - Tax Collector, Hollye Schulman – Town Clerk, and Kevin Esselman – Highway Superintendent.
The Town Board is comprised of a Supervisor and four council members all of whom are elected by the qualified voters of the town. The role of Town Board is to provide services and support for the benefit of the entire town population. The Town Board strives to offer a collective voice to meet the needs and vision of its residents.
Town Supervisor

The Town Supervisor, who is the administrative head of the town, presides at the meetings of the Town Board and may appoint one or more committees consisting of members of the Board to aid and assist the Board in the performance of its duties. A majority of the Board members must be present in order for the transaction of business, and the vote of each Board member is recorded in the official minutes of the meetings. An affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the Town Board is required for the adoption of any action, motion or legislation.

Town Board

The Town Board manages the day to day operations of the town. The Board adopts a budget every year, which funds an array of Town services. The Board has the power to appoint officers, commissions, boards and other personnel necessary for proper functioning of the town and to adopt policies, ordinances and local laws that affect the town and the public.