Code Enforcer

Code Enforcer

town hall


Charles Nystrom

Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector
Hours Monday through Friday 12 :30pm- 5pm
P:845.932.8360 Ext.14


Mailing Address:

PO Box 295
Lake Huntington, NY 12752


**PLEASE NOTE- Permits are REQUIRED for all building renovations, alterations, wells, septic's, roofs and logging.

Permit Applications

Building and Zoning Permit (PDF)

Driveway Application (PDF)

Select Harvest of Forest Products (PDF)

Subdivision/Site Plan Application (PDF)


It is the responsibility of the Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the Town of Cochecton codes to ensure the health and safety of the public. When violations of the Codes are observed or reported, the Enforcement Officer will visually inspect, make contact with the property owner by letter and give instructions for eliminating the violation.


Typical work activities include:

  • Review plans and specifications submitted with building permit applications for compliance with building and zoning laws prior to issuing permits.
  • Inspect buildings and structures in the process of construction or repair for compliance with approved plans and specifications and all requirements.
  • Issue building permits and furnish certificates of occupancy upon final inspection.
  • Inspect existing buildings and structures to ensure their safety. Order unsafe conditions to be corrected and order unsafe structures to be repaired or removed.
  • Maintain records of inspections, decisions and notices.
  • Prepare reports of buildings and structures erected or altered, permits issued, and fees collected for presentation to the Town Board.